Murel Murakas

Murel, originally from Estonia, discovered yoga after moving to San Francisco, California in 2000. She tried various styles of yoga, practiced them all with love, but Bikram Yoga became her true passion. Bikram Yoga was 100 % what she was looking for, to maintain well-being in her everyday busy life. After practicing Bikram Yoga for 5 years, she decided to advance her practice, and participated in Bikram Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, California. Murel finished training in the summer of 2012, moved back to Estonia and started teaching in Riga,the first Bikram Yoga studio in the Baltics. She continued to teach later at other studios in Europe and also at her home studio Funky Door in San Francisco. Bikram Yoga has given her amazing balance in life, she feels that  yoga is the only sport on earth that has given her the energy to balance life mentally and physically. Currently, Murel is one of the owners of Bikram Yoga Tallinn and she is teaching non-stop. Her teaching is very detailed, loving, and fun. After taking her class, you feel rejuvenated. As she always says: “Sweat, stretch, laugh and after 1.5 hours you'll feel reborn.”

Maria Bachmann

Since her childhood she has been interested in yoga. Marias parents brought several books about yoga home from their trips to India with lots of nice photos of yoga postures. Maria of course tried to do them all, it was one of her favourite games. Lateron she also attended a ballet school, but finally decided study music and become a pianist/conductor. Since her teacher training in fall 2011 she is sharing her life between yoga and music which makes her very happy.

Maria says: "Open your hips and your mind will follow!"

Drew Rouse

Drew Rouse is a experienced Bikram Hot Yoga teacher with 15 years of experience teaching countless beginners & advanced Bikram classes, posture/asana clinics & seminars to thousands of students Worldwide. He also offers “Hatha Yoga Alignment & Philosophy talks”. Plus “Rawkin Raw Food” preparation classes!

Drew consulted and developed the beautiful Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa raw food spa menu & hot yoga retreats!

Drew has become well known for his inspirational yoga classes and what he calls, “Mind Triggers”. These are phrases, spoken amongst the asana commands in a certain way, intended to spark a shift in consciousness, mindfulness & awareness. Such as: “The consciousness is only rising because we are lifting it”

Eve Arpo

Triin Kambek

Triin is a certified Multi-style Yoga Instructor, RYT 200 at Yoga Alliance, and a certified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

Originally from Estonia, she has spent most of the last two decades living in the USA where she first learned about the power of meditation and hypnosis, and in London, UK where she fine-tuned her skills as a therapist.

After training as a yoga teacher in Goa, India she likes to marry the calmness and quiet of yin yoga with her experience in hypnosis and meditation in her classes. To capture this unique combination she created Yin with Triin.

Brite Vilgo

Brite found herself in yoga over a fifteen years ago, around the same time welcoming Reiki and taking depth entrance into the dance world. As a dance graduate, both in dance and pedagogy, in 2015, she found a call to gain knowledge and to become a yoga teacher.

Yin yoga teacher training (RYT 100) and daily practice (as well in yang type of yoga) have opened a beautiful study of the now(ness) - how that constant "dance" around yin&yang is the key of inner peace. She is currently studying dance in masters and is drawn into video and photo art.

In different dance studios, sport clubs and her own pop up home studio, Bite has led regular classes mainly in Estonia, but also in England.

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