Voices from the soul

A tour of the world for its sacred songs.

An unique experience with live music, which proposes sound as a means to enter other worlds and realities. An invitation to touch the expression of the Sacred, that unknowable and timeless territory through the high frequencies of sound vibration. An invitation to relax and listen, illuminated and integrated. A journey through an amalgam of sounds, voices and songs, Buddhist, Romanian, mantras, songs of the Sacred Amazonian Medicine, Latin and Tibetan and Jewish songs. A community meeting through which each participant travels within himself.
Invitation to this journey to your soul from our soul.

Belén is an Argentina living in Estonia who has trained in Arts and healing therapy. She has been awarded three training scholarships abroad, which have invited her to live in England, enriching not only her artistic search but also her personal and spiritual search. Yoga practice has been a habit since she was 16 years old. Yoga has taught her the importance of being present in the here and now, as she embraced this conscious wealth brought she had got closer to meditation. And through the practice of Vipassana she has known how to embrace silence and intimacy as a source of wisdom.

Her personal experiences and spiritual search have guided her to  study sound as a vehicle for healing, training in "Soundtouch" Sound Healing Therapy. From this search she understands sound as medicine and recognizes the virtues of being able to use vibration as a vehicle for transformation, healing and personal evolution. At the same time, she has been studying Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires since 2017.https://www.google.com/url?q=https

Fee conscious collaboration 5 - 20 €
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