Voices from the soul

A tour of the world for its sacred songs.

An unique experience with live music, which proposes sound as a means to enter other worlds and realities. An invitation to touch the expression of the Sacred, that unknowable and timeless territory through the high frequencies of sound vibration. An invitation to relax and listen, illuminated and integrated. A journey through an amalgam of sounds, voices and songs, Buddhist, Romanian, mantras, songs of the Sacred Amazonian Medicine, Latin and Tibetan and Jewish songs. A community meeting through which each participant travels within himself.
Invitation to this journey to your soul from our soul.

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Fist time students

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 If you are first time in our studio you can choose one of the newcomers special

1) 10 consecutive days 20 €

2) 1 month unlimited 72 €

Think twice which one to choose as newcomers special is one time offer.

Please read here how to prepare for Bikram yoga class. You can register here or just come to a studio. We accept credit cards and cash.

First time please arrive 15-20 min earlier.

See you soon!

4x5 Challenge

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Challenge 23/09–27/10. Come to a class every week at least 4 times Bikram yoga or IHP class! Why challenge five weeks?

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Meditation of Mind Silence

Sometimes things go well, sometimes not with the greatest effort? Sometimes You feel good, sometimes not. Why it is like that? What's going on inside me, deeper than my mind, deeper than my soul, deeper than my heart — INNER BEING.

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 Please see a more detailed schedule from here


Gong Night


Gong Night / Gong Concert

We invite you to join us for a magical journey into the mysterious world of sounds.
Gong is one of the eldest instruments on our planet and has been through ages revered due to its ability to broaden the mind and help the listeners to reach these cognitive fields that are unreachable in our ordinary life. The subtle sounds accompanying the major tone – the overtones – have a capacity to synchronize the work of two brain hemispheres resulting in clearer mind and sharper thinking process. 

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